Sunday, July 26, 2009

And then We Met.

The Setting:

Me and Work Hubby riding to Lunch.


The Conversation:

Me: I had a first date last night. (With Harry)

Hubby: You're always doing something.

Me: Whatever, that was my first date in like 10 years.

Hubby: Hmph.

Me: I don't think I like him.

Hubby: Well, you never like anyone.

Me: Yeah, I know.


In my defense:

If I had liked someone so far, hopefully I would be with them. Just because I haven't fallen for anyone in a while (that likes me back and does something about it) doesn't mean I'm completely unpleaseable. And come on, it was the very first date product of online dating, how often does that one sweep you off your feet? You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you lay down the law and tell froggie #1928 that he better turn prince or you're out. (just kidding, I will never use the ultimatum tactic.)


Now What?:

I am considering seeing him again. I mean, it was far from awful, he was nice, courteous and even borderline funny. I just didn't feel the attraction vibe. And he made me talk to the hostess (bc he was scared). And I had to plan the whole thing and practically talk him into coming.

The Silver Lining:

I met a drummer at the beach who may or may not be gay but he plays gigs around my area and is pretty fun and way cute when on stage. We have become friends (its on facebook so its official) and he wants me to come to one of his shows soon. I love being with the band! Who knows what will happen or who I will meet!


The Conclusion:

So basically ladies, when one mans disappoints, give him at least one more try and know there are plenty more fishies and good times in the sea!!!

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  1. IRL, there's only a few I talk to about my dates (unlike in the bloggy world , where its everyone - LOL).

    Sometimes I really just want a listening ear, not really any advice, so I talk my gf's who I know will give me positive support and not think I'm some jaded over-dater...which guy friends can sometimes make us feel!

    Go for the second date - you just never know what could happen!