Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Home Debut

I went and visited Harry at his home this weekend.  Sure, I got lost on the drive over.  No, I did not call him for specification on the route as I wanted to impress him with my superior navigational abilities.  And yes, I probably accidentally told every female at work that day, "I have a date tonight!!"

Oh my gosh, did you know single, thin, clean, straight men exist???  His home is impeccable.  He vacuumed baseboards for me.  A couple notes on his house before we move on:

  • 4 BR/2BA (I wasn't allowed to see one of the spare bedrooms, haha)
  • Dining room is 100% empty. Nada stick o furniture.
  • Huge TV with every channel. (I get 10 channels on my borrowed TV)
  • He vacuums lines into his carpet.  It is fun to make footprints in the freshly vacuumed floors.  Even more fun to jump waaay out and then back, making it look like you had to fly there to make your mark.  I totally impressed him I think.
  • His refrigerator and pantry are completely vacant.
  • Empty rooms are great for yoga lessons.
  • His couch is the bomb.
  • I loved it all.

And he asked me to be his girlfriend.  Like, for real.  He said the words.  

I giggled and just said yes.


  1. awww thats so sweet! Congrats!!

    xo Anastasia B.

  2. How adorable is this post - AWESOME love!


  3. Hey loverly!

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    xo Anastasia B.