Monday, May 18, 2009

Europa Part II

So, our jerky friend left us to brave the town alone. So, EuroShe and I head off to the club at 2 am following some strangers, winding through the tiny streets, completely unable to have retraced our steps if we so desired. But who cares. We were going dancing.

So, we dance. I tell off the doorman. We get promoted to dancing on stage. She kisses stranger1 we followed to the club. I text EuroHe and tell him to get his jerk self over here. And we dance the night away on stage in the basement of the club.

EuroShe ends up outlasting me. I was about spent and sat down to rest my dancing booty. I had barely taken a sip of my water and out of nowhere this guy bolts out of the stair case, does a little spin and plops down right next to me and starts speaking in all spanish. So, we converse to the best of my ability.. which mostly included me begging him to walk us to the closest subway so we would be able to get home. I think I asked him no less than 20 times, just to make sure we were on the same page. Haha. Stupido Americano.

AlFrio keeps my tired holidaying booty company while EuroShe shows off her staying awake and alive skills. Eventually we leave. Alfrio keeps his promise, walking us to the subway, all the while trying to kiss me and talk me into hanging out the following day. Quite flattering. Perfect opportunity to use the rejection section from my lonely planet book.

Alfrio sweetly says his adioses at the subway and bids us well. We disappear underground, happily on our way home.

But no.

Wrong way. Point A does not go to Point B.

So we wander.

And wander.

Go in a subway... emerge 5 minutes later looking bewildered.

Curse jerky EuroHe.

Smoke a cigarette (EuroShe that is.)


So, in order to get home it took getting my booty grabbed by the cerveza guy, the guy EuroShe lends a light to following us, me using the rest of Lonely Planet's rejection section, hearing "free sex" and "Sexo Machine!" screamed at us every corner we turned and my scream waking all the homeless people in the subway system.

We eventually make it home. And the sky is a light shade of blue. We planned on completing the evening by pulling EuroHe out of bed and stomping on him on the floor but somehow, we made it home before he did.

Oh what a night.

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