Monday, May 25, 2009

Overheard at the Beach

An unworthy tribute to the hilarious blog, Overheard in New York

Many people said some random things to me this weekend. I ended up out alone two of the three nights we were out so I made tons of new friends and heard tons of weird stuff. Here are some of the toppers.

Street Guy: So, how old are you?
Me: 25, You?

Street Guy: 27. Man, you're old.


Random Middle Aged Hippie Drunk Lady to Me: (She motions me towards her as if to share a secret)

"I can go out with an old man and have him hit on me all night OR I can go out my myself and have three hot guys hit on me!"

(Then dissolves in to giggles upon completing her line) Oh, and yes, she was out with an old man. Poor three hot guys never got their chance.

Cute boy I danced with... and refused kisses from, shamed for killing ducks (I think they call it hunting?), made recycle his beer bottle and gawked at for confessing to peeing in the pool(well, all of his friends did too! And then continued to swim in it.) to me:
"You dance okay for a conservative girl."
Bartender to random guy walking in: Hey, are you with her? (pointing to me)
Random Guy: No.
Bartender to kitchen help walking in: Hey, are you with her? (pointing to me)
Kitchen Help: No.
Bartender to thug stumbling in: Hey, are you with her? (pointing to me)
Stumbling Thug: No.

Bartender to room: Ok, just wanted to make sure she was free.
That's probably the best way to sum up my weekend. Happy Memorial Day!!

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  1. Ha! Loved the bartender thingy...

    Wow! You really had a wonderful time!