Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pasty to Pearly

Work makes me a bore. Buildings. Meetings. Suits. Collars. It seeps into my pasty young skin, threatening to suck me in and turn me into a stupid building office meeting loving drone. Bye bye young fun girl. Hello boring peon.

However, I've made a discovery. I discovered the cure for letting out the young, carefree, spirited me that is absolutely irresistible to all the surrounding men.

European Air.

A week of holidaying like the Europeans has brought me back into my perfectly freckled pearly skin. I rocked it. In the disco tech. In the bar. In the subway system. It was fab.

My two Euro friends and I would embark on the town around midnight and get started. They taught me euro things, like words, how to properly finish a bottle of vino, and how to pay for a drink at the bar. I taught them how to dance like soulja boy, how to act out the words to Janis Joplin's Mercedes Benz and how to flirt like an American.

Well, EuroShe and EuroHe had a little thing going... but was way undefined, especially with so many cute fun foreigners around. One night, while EuroHe was on his way to get us drinks, two thirty/forty something blonds with boobs and tank tops snagged him and engulfed him in foreign conversation. EuroShe freaked a bit (rightfully so, he was getting our drinks for goodness sake!) so I asked if she wanted me to talk to him.

"No way." She responded.

"Well, do you want to talk to him?" I offer.

"No way."

"Well, do you want to talk to other guys?" I suggest.


So, I look right, I look left, and exclaim in my best accent, "Hola!!! Que Tal!" to the very near rather attractive guy.

And so, the battle begins. We chatted up the entire place and by the end I knew all the guys and girls names. Ok, well, if i could have pronounced them I would have known everyone's name.

The bar closes so we all migrate outside. EuroHe is talking to some Jamaican looking dudes. EuroShe and I are talking to a couple other people heading towards another obscure club.

"EuroHe, lets go dance!!" We call.

"I'm gonna have a drink with these guys." What??

So we end up splitting up. And the adventure begins.

I would tell you the adventure but I have some serious jet lag and after traveling 24 hours, getting in, falling asleep for a few hours, and going to work, I have lost my foreign glow. Therefore, I am off to my wonderful bed to reclaim my glow, and will update sometime when I awake.

Au revoir!


  1. Have fun!! It sounds like a BLAST! Lucky you!

  2. OMG!!! I wanted to have a blast like this all my life...
    You lucky girl!!