Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What did I do to him?

I'm used to being ignored by boys.

Ok, that's not exactly true.

I'm used to being ignored by boys once I:

a.) Show interest in them
b.) Kiss them
c.) Verbally state I like them
d.) Ask why they ignore me so much
e.) All of the above

Boys I don't give a crap about kissing, dating, etc. allow me to do, say, or ask for whatever I please and love it. I understand all of the above to some extent, but come on, its all annoying in the end.

So, that said, I'm starting to have a little issue. Well, not necessarily. Eh, who knows.

Harry and I met about a month ago and have been talking for two months now. We have been on 4 dates (wow!) and talk on the phone everyday. Here are some of the things he has said to me:
  • I can't wait to see you 100 and 1/2 hours from now
  • You can call me anytime
  • You are so uniquely fun and exciting
  • I go to sleep smiling after I talk to you
  • Be careful
  • I'm so excited

My question is, is all this too much being so soon? I tell him not to get carried away and he says too late. I'm not used to guys I actually consider being with, being this attuned to me, especially so soon. I mean, he can count very well, thus explaining the first one. My last two men of late have been incapable of counting to 10 in English, much less another language. But still. That is some counting. But more pointedly, that is thoughtful and attentive.

He says he thinks of me often. Its all so nice. He calls when he says he will. He truly, genuinely likes me.

I quoted the 100 hours line to my friend today and she exclaimed, "What did you do to him???!!"

Trust me, nothing like that dear. Nothing like that.

So, is this too much? Or should I just sit back and enjoy it??? I mean, I am a long time single single girl. I kill my own bugs. I sleep alone. I am prepared to fight the boogie man if need be. I mean, I have a steel baseball bat. And my fists. This chick is not used to men that are interesting, showing supreme interest in me!

What to do??


  1. Like you I'm used to being ignored by boys after showing interest, but this kind of thing has been happening to me a lot lately...When this happens, it always weirds me out and I do something ridiculous to mess up a good thing. My recommendation: proceed with cautious optimism. Good luck!

  2. i wish i had solid advice, but the truth is it would definitely throw me for a loop if a guy showed strong interest in me like that! i would have a hard time believing it! still. sounds like he likes your bug killing, boogie man fighting ways so i second the above recommendation :)