Monday, June 22, 2009

Online Dating Update!

So, as I mentioned two posts ago, the online dating world has been interesting to say the least. I would actually be getting pretty frustrated with it except for one guy that I have ended up talking to... lets call him Harry.

I keep thinking about this bald thing... I like I told you, he is cute with no hair, but being the little hippie wanna be that I am, I always go for the guys with the long, flowy hair and cry when they cut it. I like to run my fingers through it, stroke it, mess it, etc. But you know the thing that calms my spirit about this whole hair thing? Charlotte and Harry. From Sex and the City.

Charlotte is just completely gorgeous and Harry is just not but they are in love and he's so much better for her than the cute doctor she ended up divorcing or any of the other guys that paraded through her life. I'm not saying I'm as beautiful and glamorous as Charlotte or that Harry and my attraction (preemptive, I know) is so great and more fabulous than the long haired hippies of my past, I'm just say that I'm ok with dating, I mean emailing, the bald men of the world. And because of that, he will be called Harry.

So, we first wrote to each other about 2 weeks ago. We've only gone a day here and there without hearing from each other since. Its actually quite exciting. He's so funny. He's so nice. The things he says puts me at ease and I just just tell him stuff, I don't feel invaded upon or intimidated by his questions. I mean, of course I haven't told him anything out of the ordinary but all the basic stuff we've talked about has been just great. Sure, he adores sport and I don't have a clue about them, he doesn't have a clue about my undying love for art but we are different in ways that are compatible thus far.

So, we are now officially emailing from our actual email addresses (at his request, eek!) and hes so nice and completely interested in me thus far. We live like an 1 hr 45 mins away from each other and we both said we are ok with that. So, I am totally in the dark about how to go about this, what time lines are acceptable/normal or whatever but here's what I'm thinking.... I don't want to type to him too much more. I'm afraid if we get to know each other through simply typing and not actually voice or in person interaction we will be awkward in front of each other, like, I will know him too well on one level at not at all on another, you know? And I suck on the phone, I hate talking on phones, I've practically quit using one at work whenever possible, so I say, lets just meet and see if this is actually fun in person before we get too far into all this. Is that crazy?

So, I'm going to go along with this email thing until, lets say, the middle of this week, and then I'm going to just send him my number and tell him to get off his mac and call me. Then hopefully, a time to meet will transpire.

And yes, I already have bought a dress for our first date. Men inspire me. To shop.

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  1. hehe, men inspire me to shop too. and i think your plan is sound. getting to know someone in person is infinitely better than typing!