Saturday, April 4, 2009

Supply and Demand

It is just me or do men just have it so dang easy?

I thought the way it is set up is for the men to chase the woman. Pursuing. Courting. Chasing. Wooing. Those are all supposed to be the man's job.

Its actually improper to congratulate a woman who has just gotten engaged. You congratulate the man on his successful conquest of "winning" the woman. You tell the woman "Best Wishes" rather to wish her well in her new life.

However, it seems to be so often the women chasing the men (and therefore deserving the congrats). I think it comes down to supply and demand.

Last night I volunteered at an event. The volunteers at my station was comprised of a single mother, a single awkward 28 y/o professional dorky dude and me. When I describe this dude as awkward, it is almost an understatement. He still wore his khakis and yellow button-up shirt that barely contained his broad neck and belly. His dully brown thinning hair was coated in ultra hold gel. His face constantly held a look of bewilderment and an anxious unsure smile. When he talked he tried so hard to project his professionalism and mastery of his being it came across as a sickening self-love.

So, here this dude is, completely unattractive in most aspects and here are he approximate specs of visitor population that entered our station:
  • Female: 95%
  • Under 30 female: 50%
  • Unmarried Under 30 female: 30%
  • Attractive Unmarried Under 30 female: 25%
This guy had so many prospects cross his path simply volunteering on a Friday night that it was extremely disheartening. This guy would most likely be a complete bore to live with, is not much fun to look at and is even less fun to listen to babbling about corporate bull all night long. Yet, if he simply opened his mouth to ever 1 in 4 people that entered our station that night, he could have most likely scored several dates within the three short hours we were there.

Thankfully for my gag reflex, he did not attempt to score any dates that evening (he must realize he is too awkward to talk to women) but how is it that there are so many attractive unmarried under 30 females and almost zero attractive unmarried (or otherwise involved) under (or even a bit over) 30 males?

Thus, many women have turned into the pursuers and them the pursuees, spoiling them and turning them away from their original responsibility. And these poor women are going to end up with self-absord, over gelled drones like Awkward Dude and live to reap the consequences.

All I can do is sit back and hope there is a shift in the economy... or at least my personal one. I did enjoy micro-econ more than macro.

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