Monday, April 26, 2010

And I'm Off

I leave Wednesday for New York. I'm only staying until Friday but I'm so excited for the time I have there!

I asked Harry to accompany me and it brought up all the conversations about why and how I could leave him for a year. So, with the trip growing closer and rates growing higher, I resolved myself to my unarguable state of adulthood.

I can travel alone.

I have GPS on my phone so I can navigate the streets. Machines are second best to a travel companion. I got a free cruise thing with my Expedia booking so I will have something cool to do Thursday afternoon. That is, after I scour the American Museum of Natural History. I'm looking at it as my two nights to live like Rachel, Phoebe, Carrie Bradshaw, Jerry Seinfeld and that chick from Coyote Ugly.

Well, I was until Harry called me and said, "I will go with you. I don't understand but if you want me to go, I will." He said he would wait for me - for an entire year- if he had to - and he didn't want me going alone. We booked tickets for him within the hour. My blood pressure went down about 100 points- as did my desire to leave the country for a year.

I now merely have to follow him like a pup to the next destination, not grip my pepper spray like a wimpy country mouse and won't be tempted to talk it out with myself as I walk through the streets.

So, I have the schedule all written out, dinner reservations for Thursday night and am just now taking a break from ironing, packing and trying on clothes for the trip. I'm so excited- I adore action, busyness and feeling like I'm in the middle of LIFE.

With my man.

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