Sunday, March 8, 2009

As a slight update, I let smoker boy know that I felt it was best we did not see one another any longer as I didn't see it going anywhere. I left it brief and straight forward. I was pretty proud of myself and wished others of the male species would be so upfront with me sometimes so I didn't have to go through the "does he or doesn't he like me" game over and over again. He bounced back in response that while he respected my decision, he never saw us as anything more than friends and felt like we could be great friends. I'm sticking to my original call though... it was just odd and I'm glad to go on from there.

I went to a small group study at church tonight. It was an odd but good experience. I sat with a couple that has 8 children, a man who said this is the first time he has been out socially in the past eight years, a silent guy and my sister. It was a good night overall.

As this weekend was the first warm weekend of the season, one of my best guy friends and I decided to make good use of my screened in porch and laid out sleeping bags on the floor and enjoyed our afternoon reading. My sister was coming over and I peaked out on the porch and our bags had ended up completely next to one another, without and inch between. I was running around doing a couple things and asked my friend,

"Will you move our bags apart so my sister doesn't think anything weird of it?"

"Sure, I'll make sure there's enough room for the holy spirit between us!"

From there he stuck his arms out straight in front of him, not unlike a zombie, and started swaying back and forth with his head cocked to the side, eyes wide open and mouth held awkwardly.

"Are you impersonating the holy spirit???" I asked half laughing, half confused.

"No!!!" He replies, "Its middle school dancing, where you hold the other person far enough away. My dad always said to leave room for the holy spirit!"

The vision of him supposedly acting out the holy spirit was too much, we both died laughing. It was a great Sunday afternoon.

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