Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Lottery

I had an epiphany today. It seems as though the bulk of men who request my attention (aka stalk, cat call, email me through work email, approach me in public, wait for me after class, etc.) are just weird. How do I express this without sounding completely rude, mean, snobbish, or insulting?

Ok, by weird, I suppose I mean:
  • Socially awkward, incompetent or clueless
  • Not exactly physically attractive (And I am pretty open to looks but some people just look weird)
  • Under Achiever
  • Under or Un- Employed
  • Failed to Launch
  • Poor Credit (Not that I know but if one makes minimum wage and wants to buy me dinner when one has to pay for an apartment and all related expenses of life, it typically signifies unrealistic financial attitudes)
  • Some combination of divorced, pays child support (reluctantly or not at all), much older, married, or lying about one of the above

Perhaps its me but other than smoker boy who was sweet inside bless his heart, I don't typically indulge these people, not saying that there are not exceptional people that can hold some of the above qualities, but overall the above are not typically desirable, especially when coming in pairs, trios, or all of the above.

So I wondered, why are the weird ones the only ones looking, making effort and interested in me? Today it hit me, what do they have to loose? Why not aim for a girl who is polite to them, has a steady job, college degree, her own place, no children, no husband, no scary ex, and is decent looking. (And I have fabulous wardrobe of course) Its like playing the lottery. One day you just might get lucky.

The people you see winning the lottery look like they probably needed it. Have you ever seen a WASP in a tie accepting the big check from LOTTO (insert name of state) in the paper? The papers here usually show people missing teeth, in t-shirts, that probably purchase their daily lotto ticket with their daily (insert vice of choice).

Asking me or any other 20 something girl without too much baggage for some one on one time is the same idea.

What do I have to loose?

Dignity? Overrated.

Time? What else do I have to do.

Money (Considering one accepts)? Its just another ticket, i'll keep playing the game.

So basically, I'm a free lottery ticket. Next time, I'll just ask them to hand over their dollar.


  1. haha! Hilarious! Now a days most of the girls are feeling this way... Believe me the kinda guys some girls like on TV turn out to be screwed up or married!

    BTW Welcome to the 20sb...

    It is a very nice way to meet like minded people...

  2. You have to give them props for taking a shot (however misplaced their sense of worth may be). They see what they like and they go after it. We could all learn something from that, probably :)