Monday, March 2, 2009

Assets - Equity = Liabilities

I'm not going to lie, I've been pretty down lately on the prospect of finding good male companionship. I have great friends (of both genders), a great life and lots of things to be thankful for. On top of that, I'm a fairly normal chick, take care of myself and consider myself fairly good company. However, I feel as though I get little notice or appreciation from the opposite sex and at times wonder if guys are at all interested in the female gender. I read an article one day some where and a quote that stuck with me went something like this:

"Girls look at a a relationship and see love, the future, security, companionship and safety. Guys look at a relationship and see responsibility, financial commitment, lost freedom and accountability. It is a wonder guys ever commit to a girl at all."

This look at the varying perspectives of commitment rings true all too often I am sure, but the fact that relationships, engagements and marriages do happen prove that this is worked through in some way time and time again. However, I now can't seem to shake this idea of being seen as a liability to a man and my heart is troubled by this concept. I've attributed my somewhat male attention dry spell to this idea but after spending some time out and about this weekend, I did notice that things are not so impossible and difficult as I have been thinking they are. Here are a couple gestures made this weekend that have given me hope that the male gender still realizes the intrinsic worth of the amazing female population:

  • Two guys asked me to tell them who had the better accent... both from opposite sides of the world. I openly declared my honest choice and their reactions were ridiculous, showing me they place a good bit of their self worth in the female opinion.
  • Four... wait no, five guys offered to buy me a drink this weekend. I even accepted two offers. No lasting connections but hey... there they are biting that financial commitment bullet!
  • I gave one guy my card and he used it. The next day. How is that for being responsible. (Baby steps are the most exciting ones!)
  • Guys are pretty shy. A couple approached me that I was not especially interested in and cocking my head a certain way could send them running with their tail between their legs to the other side of the room. That persistence thing they show in movies is rarely around in real life... at least in my real life.
  • They are kinda dumb too. One little guy came up while a weird one was talking to me. As an out, I exclaimed the the little guy, "OMG! I haven't seen you in so long! How are you!" He replied, "What is your name??" (totally blowing my plan for excusing myself from the weird guy) I tried to keep it up but he was lost. I had to cock my head at him for that.
So, thanks to all the guys that appreciated some females this weekend. Your advances really are flattering and appreciated. Connections are one in a million so for now, I'm satisfied with the thought that a couple guys overcame the burdens their gender roles carry and talked to a liability like me.

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