Monday, March 30, 2009

Tomorrow is the day.
In anticipation of my reunion with The Beautiful One, and because I am an ambitious goal oriented person, I went shopping. If you are going lunching, you might as well do it in style. So, even if he is taken, I can make him feel regretful. No, that's mean. So I can at least feel confident enough to sit through lunch with him. That is now the goal.

Option Numero Uno:
The Silk Oriental Floral Dress

Pros: It is super cute. I absolutely adore dresses and you don't have to match much with it.
Cons: Though the dress isn't as freaking short on me as it is on the model it still is kinda short and I'm afraid I would feel totally ridiculous and naked back at the office. And since some people seem to think work is the main event tomorrow and I have to buy into these ridiculous medieval aged ideals, I might should rethink the short skirt/long work day combo .

Numero dos:
The Ann Taylor Loft Rosette Flutter Sleeve Top

Pros: Matches a ton of stuff, very flattering, the flowers make my non-existent boobs look a little more interesting.

Cons: Not as fiery and fun as the dress, thus not truly representing the true inner me. However, he probably can't take all that up front. Just think of Jillian in the bachelorette. She finally let out her fire and then it was all over.

I think I need to save the fire. And the security of my job. The flutter top is the winner. Oh yeah, and its freaking cold here.


  1. I'm going for the dress and full-on regret on his part! Shameless I know! x

  2. I loved the 2nd outfit... Better safe then sorry?? I don't know..

    But yeah I will surely present the option to DH about the 5 hour long Pride and Prejudice. I will love to see his face blanch!!