Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Pity Date that Haunts

Smoker boy came by my work today. We had a semi-date the other night ending in me feigning exhaustion, an awkward hug and me discovering his sweater magically left behind. Ok, actually, college boyfriend (separated sense) found it by spilling beer on it. Lucky he's oblivious and apologized for intoxicating my sweater.

I've successfully eluded another social encounter with Smoker boy as I am too chicken to tell him I am a bit turned off by his rotting insides (hello, how long have we known smoking kills?) and incessant talking that I don't follow and just nod my head to. I know I must but I need time to muster up the courage. Well, he had to reclaim his clothing so he came by with coffee in hand, stories in mouth and longing in eyes. If only I could be so elusive with guys I like it might actually make them adore me as smoker boy just kept trying trying trying to score another outside of the workplace encounter.

I smiled yet remained non inviting. These signals should be sufficient.

He stayed, desperately waiting for me to reciprocate his desires, until my phone rang and I was actually needed to do my job rather than be courted as a young 20 something should be.

So if you've only had one semi-date, what is the best way to end advances without being awkward? Ugh. I feel so bad. How do I let these things slip up on me?

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