Monday, March 16, 2009

Roll Call

The Boy: Mr. Nice Guy

Age: 25

Relative Location: 60 miles away

Attraction: Nice, understanding, faithful, consistent, easy to get along with, eats healthy

Most recent contact: Today. Phone call at work just checking on me.

Dilemma: We used to date. Lacks perception for the future. The future as in tomorrow. Have to hit him over the head with a 2x4 to make a point.

The Boy: Mr. Big

Age: 26

Relative Location: 700 miles away

Attraction: Completely impossible to understand, extremely intelligent but oblivious, aloof, absolute blast to hang with

Most recent contact: text today reading "I just got two sweet rats. You need to meet them."

Dilemma: Distance, maturity (hence the rat babies), serial forgetfulness, inconsistent communication, my utter unwavering attraction


The Boy: Mr. New Guy

Age: Unknown. Estimated Guess: low 30s

Relative Location: Local

Attraction: Seemingly together, active church member (attends same small group), fairly cute, friendly but a bit shy, doesn't wear a wedding ring

Most recent contact: Brief exchange of words yesterday in church parking lot

Dilemma: He might be 40


That's the basics of my love life currently.


  1. lol hey at least you got a love life.

    i always say go with the unknwn, u could be in for a surprise!

  2. I must say you can wait a bit and see how it turns out, else "Known devil is better than unknown"?