Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let me pencil you in...

Upcoming schedule:

Wednesday: Dinner Date with Mr. Nice Guy. Been there, done that, have yet to decide what the final destination is. Its always a good time and good conversation.

Stress Level: 1

Saturday: The first Blind Date of my life... well, lets call it a blind meet up. My friend's scientist boyfriend wants me to meet his Scientist Roommate. So, I acquiesced. We will have my friend and her scientist as company so hopefully it will be a blast.

Stress Level: 6

TBA: Lunch meeting with The Beautiful One. I have no idea where this idea for lunch came from and am analyzing way too much. Received email asking for the lunch to happen "soon" today. Candidate was engaged last time I checked.

Stress Level: 9

Life is good.

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