Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prep Time

In response to the sudden flurry of social engagements that has hit my calendar, I decided I needed to workout everyday this week, eat healthy, get a hair cut and pick out some awesome outfits.

So, the first night, I did 45 minutes of pilates while thinking how great my legs look while upside down on the floor.

It was down hill from there.

The second night I cooked dinner, ate too much, felt awful, and laid on the couch the rest of the night.

The third night, was the night of the first date on my list. I came home late from work and as is my habit, took off my pants and sat on the couch. I realized I needed to clean up a bit as the date was taking place in my place of residence. So I walked around, decided to change my sheets, did some laundry and sat on the couch. I got back up, picked up the dirty clothes off my bathroom floor and got back on the couch. I talked on the phone, checked my email started to walk back to the couch and saw Mr. Nice guy walking up my walkway.

So, as does any girl when her date arrives, (at least on TV), I made him wait at the door while I finished getting ready (translated: while I put on my pants). So, I pulled off last night- in style, with my new Ann Taylor jeans serving as the perfect finishing touch.

Now I am supposed to be continuing my path of self improvement for the blind meet up with the Scientist Roommate this weekend. So I ordered pizza and cheesy bread for just me tonight and had a mini fiesta in my living room. I'm not really feeling the pilates vibe tonight so Mr. Scientist will just have to enjoy me along with the pooch on my stomach that I added to my figure tonight.

To my credit though, I did watch Greys Anatomy while sitting on my yoga mat tonight so I feel like that gives me some points towards improving my aura or finding my center at least a smidgen, right?!

All I have to say is watch out Mr. Scientist, you are about to meet a very well balanced, well feed and most likely fully clothed young lady this weekend. Me-ow.


  1. Totally understand about the self-improvement/couch sitting thing. I do way too much couch sitting to be healthy. And eating. I'm craving crackers and cheese right now. (It's not 10:00 yet so that "don't eat after 10:00 rule" hasn't busted me yet. [not that I obey it anyway.])

    I would love to go on a blind date...I think. I haven't really told anyone of that desire b/c then I would appear desperate, and I'm not all into casual dating at the moment, but I'd love for a friend to be like "DeMo, I have the perfect guy for you. And you can't meet him yet."

    I have to give you credit though, you do sound much more relaxed than I would. When there's a big event I get *really* nervous and start getting ready way earlier than usual.

    I should have just written a blog post. This turned out to be a really long comment. :)

  2. Couch sitting is character building - nothing wrong with it hehe! Did you manage to get some exercise on date night? x

  3. hehe, i think that a well balanced well fed most likely fully clothed girl is worth a lot these days! mr. scientist won't know what hit him.