Thursday, March 19, 2009

Data Process: Overdrive

I got an email today.

The kind of email that you see in your inbox and could pee in your pants from the excitement and can hardly wait to pop it open and devour each and every individual word on the the screen.

I met him 9 months ago. It was through work so I had talked to him on the phone a couple times, completely oblivious to his utter embodiment of the perfection of the human species. Helpful, friendly but just another dude on the phone.

Then our paths crossed for a semi-interactive meeting for the most part of a day and I was just about floored by his beauty 1) because I hardly ever think guys are all that cute. I mean, movie stars and such but they are paid to be beautiful, but really, the female species just is the more beautiful of the two genders and 2) there are no young sexy men in this town 3) He was not a total jerk, he was quite the opposite in fact.

He was amazing. He was amazing at meetings. He was amazing at leading. He was amazing at vocalizing his internal thoughts. He was amazingly helpful. We were taking the power of meetings to new levels that day. It was the best meeting of my life. (That statement is not overly dramatic because meetings just suck.)

So, I flirted my bestest, flaunted my professional young working woman skills my bestest and mentioned an event that weekend I would so be involved in that he should so totally come to.

He came. With his skinny blond girlfriend... no, excuse me. With his skinny blonde fiance.

Monday I followed up from the meeting, suggested lunch sometime. He said let him know, he would be happy to go. But I dropped it. I liked him and I would either like him alone or be a home-wrecker so it was a loose loose.

So, today, 9 months later, no communication or weekend community events since, I get an email.

Here's the gist:


Can't believe its been 9 months since I last saw you. What have you been up to in your fabulous life?

Something about the weather... business is picking back up, blah blah blah.

I like this town. Blah Blah.

We should have lunch sometime and catch up. If you have time to squeeze me in that would be great.

-The Beautiful One

So, there are a couple ways to read this:

A) Straight forward. Just checking in on a business contact because he's a nice, business guy and I'm a nice business girl. Lets do lunch it the epitome of nice business people lingo.

B) Ulterior Professional Motive. He just wants his business to sell sometime to my business. Its only an attempt to battle the economy and throw some money at the bottom line

C) Ulterior Personal Motive. They broke up. He needs his beautiful, professional, budding leader female counterpart in his almost perfect little life. He wants to see me.

So, I responded, cute but professional. Said I would love to go, we could even discuss work issue A over appetizers. Just let me know when.

So, I'm sure I'm over analyzing since my brain just has super powers like that BUT its kinda fun and is a reason to get up and go to work tomorrow and check my email.

Joy is always found in the small things.

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  1. Woah, 9 months?? I'm thinking maybe they split (I'm sorta hoping they did because I want to read more!) Has he replied yet? x