Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My church showed the movie Fireproof the other day. The movie was amazing to say the least. This was the first movie I have seen focused on the importance of keeping a marriage alive, how to go about that, and what role basic Christian faith plays in our relationships. It showed a young couple (early 30s maybe) living a regular life and struggling with communication and emptiness. All over, the movie was just real. It showed real houses, real cars, real clothes, real emotions and real faith. It also showed what a large role work plays in your life... many TV shows only show little bits of families at work... think of Friends, mostly we see them in the apartment, the coffee shop, or out on the town. Sure, they are at work some, but mostly at home. Fireproof focused on showing what life really entails and how hard it can be to have a happy, successful marriage. It even showed fast food, such a normal scene in my life but you hardly ever see a character holding a take out bag and a logo-ed cup with a straw.

I took away from the movie that marriage takes such incredible amounts of work... and the willingness to face up to hard things and handle whatever comes. So many people like to glaze over confrontation, ignore issues and only deal with the good. Those people can be attractive and fun since they refuse the deal with what is not fun. The crazy love people sometimes come across is cancerous with these issues. If someone keeps parts of them closed off, secretive and minimize conflict, issues and concerns, their ability to function in a healthy marriage is slim to none. Being able to talk to someone about anything, without it escalating into a battle, is key to being compatible in the long run with someone.

I know marriage is a long time away for me but being a goal oriented person (and a girl) I know that is what I am ultimately looking for one day and want to be as prepared as I can for this huge step. Even if you are not married or struggling with divorce, this movie is relevant to everyone.

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